Monday, 18 September 2017

SEAP Gurukul – LearnTo Be Better Professionals From Those Who Know!

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”: Albert Einstein

Not that we would be presumptuous enough to argue with Einstein, but what’s one to do until one gains that experience? Today we live in a hyper-competitive world – there are few second chances, and the space for experimenting and “learning on the job” is shrinking. If that’s true, and if you’re honest with yourself we’re sure you believe it is, then is there a way to accelerate your ascent up the learning curve? Everyone wants to become a more well-rounded and effective professional, so is there a way to access a goldmine of experience that is somehow still specific to you, your circumstances, and your own development needs? 
Well, now there is – presenting SEAP Gurukul.

Does “To foster a vibrant ecosystem in Pune that enables business and social growth through high-tech products and services” ring a bell? It should, considering it’s the vision of SEAP. If you’ve been in touch with us over the last few months you would be heard of SEAP Gurukul – an important part of our commitment to help businesses, and the people responsible for key functions in them, achieve that business growth. We recognise that most professionals want to get better but they may not always have access to the advice that will help them do that. When faced with typical, and unusual, situations in their career what they would really value is hearing from others who have “been there and done that.” SEAP Gurukul is a mentoring program that aims to do just that.

This unique program provides a structured approached to the mentor/mentee process. Mentees will be paired up with individual Mentors in this program. The Mentors, all of them veterans of the industry, will share career advice, insights on achieving professional growth, suggestions, and stories related to team building, and especially, their view of how to address leadership challenges more effectively. The program for each incoming member who becomes a mentee will be specific and address the unique needs of that member. A mentee may want to build up networking skills, public speaking confidence, or how to lead from the front. The guidance the Mentor provides would be tailored to address those questions. The objective is to help the mentee learn from the mentor’s experience and leverage that to develop the skills to become a better professional and a more effective leader in his or her own right.This unique platform will also help mentees build their own networks.

It’s not all a one-way street of-course. The beauty of the program is that the mentee is not the only one who benefits from the mentoring – the mentor does too. Mentors get the opportunity to influence and inspire another professional. They get to make their own little contribution to improving the professional lot of someone else who could go on to become a star. The whole experience provides mental stimulation of the best kind – the opportunity to challenge the mentee to see a situation in new and different ways also helps mentors broaden their own horizons. The knowledge and experience the mentors have gathered over the years get refreshed and updated – a great benefit.

John C Crosby said, “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” The SEAP Gurukul program gives all that – if you’ve not already signed up then perhaps you should!