Monday, 6 July 2020

COVID and Beyond – A View From SEAP

Greetings from SEAP!

It’s a pleasure to connect with all the members via this note.
At SEAP, we have reached out to you via various channels over the last few unusual months. We have all been hit by the pandemic and recognize that this is a long term challenge, and it will take some time for things to settle down in Pune. That said, we are positive that we will fight on. I take this opportunity to share with you an update from SEAP and some personal thoughts.
We all know that due to COVID-19, social distancing requirements, and a nationwide lockdown, most businesses are adversely impacted. Many are having to re-look at how they manage and operate their business, including reimagining their business models and plans.

Let me start by saying that encouraging signs have started appearing. There have been reports that IT companies have started signing the deals that had stalled when the lockdowns hit key markets. We hear members speak of pipelines slowly reopening. Specific technology areas including eCommerce, OTT video, Online Gaming, eLearning, Cloud, Security, Collaboration solutions, Automation, and others see encouraging traction. My message would be to focus on improving operational efficiency to make the most of the cash at hand and smart marketing to stay visible to your target customers.

SEAP, in the last few months, continued to support its members. In the early days of the lockdown when the information was at a premium, we provided all our members with the latest validated information from the authorities. We further continued a regular series of notifications, updates, and webinars. One of the critical areas where we have been able to help is in passes for travel across the city. The SEAP office has put tremendous efforts to resolve each query related to passes in the past few months. We are glad that this benefited our members.

SEAP continues to work on different initiatives. We have formed a CXO group, where we discuss challenges faced by various organizations to identify solutions. We are also starting with our new GURUKUL Program 2.0 soon. The announcement related to the same will be available on our social media handles.

Earlier, SEAP has scheduled webinars, panel discussions, and roundtable meets. We plan to continue this in the future as well. SEAP has started seeking memberships for the year 2020-2021, and we are getting a fabulous response.

We are thankful to our members and the Executive Council for energizing the ecosystem!

To effectively deliver our cherished objective of creating an enriching, holistic experience at SEAP, we continue to focus on a three-pronged approach, namely - Knowledge network, Business Network and Industry-Academia connect.
We urge our members to come forth and share their views, feedback, webinar queries, or to post your blog on our social media, we encourage you to write to the SEAP OFFICE. (Please specify your interest in the subject line “KEEN to share/conduct/write - feedback/webinar/blog)
Lastly, we request everyone to follow the rules outlined by the Government to help Pune city, Maharashtra, and the nation at large to overcome this battle. Let’s all stay safe and cautious.

Ashwin Megha

SEAP President